How much $KOTE do you have?


Kote Coin. It's the only one.

$KOTE the first Jetton (token) and ICO on TON

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Only one coin (supply: 1)

It's too expensive to issue a million coins, so we decided to save money and issue one coin.

Without presales

We put up for sale 40% of the issue at an estimate of 1 $KOTE = 2,500,000 TON.

Verified smart contract

You can check our smart contract. Developed by the best programmers in the world.

Don’t buy it please.

How to buy $KOTE

You need to leave the page and under no circumstances send toncoins to the specified address. When sending a multiple of 1 TON, there is a chance to get a $KOTE coin. Don't use comments, exchanges and bots for transfer. You can only use wallets from which you have a seed phrase.

Smart contract address

Amount TON:

you will get: ~0.000020202 kote

Buy Kote Coin

Buy $TON
Exchange: FTX, OKX
Bots: @CryptoBot, @Wallet


Send $TON to your wallet
Tonkeeper, or Tonhub


Send $TON from your wallet to Kote address and you will receive $KOTE

1 $BTC = $41,498

1 $KOTE = $5,075,000

In this story

What cat are you?

100 TON

pew pew

1,000 TON

mew mew

Dedicated to

The great genius, doctor of sciences - and the most fluffy cat - Nikolai Durov. Its technologies are used daily by millions of people around the world. He stood at the origins of the development of VK and Telegram and gave us revolutionary technologies in the TON blockchain. He is so alone.


CEO & Founder


# $KOTE $TON Owner Jettons